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Sr. No. Application No. Name Honours Status
1 JDC20000297 AMRITA SARKAR Bengali Admitted
2 JDC20000448 PAYEL DAS Bengali Admitted
3 JDC20000453 MUSKAN KHATUN Bengali Admitted
4 JDC20000481 ARPITA BAIDYA Bengali Admitted
5 JDC20000631 SUMITA GHOSH Bengali Admitted
6 JDC20000654 NANDITA DOLUI Bengali Admitted
7 JDC20000722 SRITIKA KARMAKAR Bengali Admitted
8 JDC20000738 BRITI MUKHERJEE Bengali Admitted
9 JDC20000772 ANINDITA CHAKRABORTY Bengali Admitted
10 JDC20000995 MANISHA BASAK Bengali Admitted
11 JDC20001063 RUPSHA TALUKDAR Bengali Admitted
12 JDC20001070 SHOVANIKA DEY Bengali Admitted
13 JDC20001077 SREELAKHA MALLICK Bengali Admitted
14 JDC20001134 BIDISHA NAG Bengali Admitted
15 JDC20001166 KUSUM HALDAR Bengali Admitted
16 JDC20001302 SOMOSRI HALDER Bengali Admitted
17 JDC20001724 SANJITA GAYEN Bengali Admitted
18 JDC20001785 SAMAYITA MONDAL Bengali Admitted
19 JDC20001792 PAYEL DAS Bengali Admitted
20 JDC20001923 KASTURI MUKHERJEE Bengali Admitted
21 JDC20001985 PAYEL NAIYA Bengali Admitted
22 JDC20002067 ANAMIKA DAS Bengali Admitted
23 JDC20002226 SATORUPA NAG Bengali Admitted
24 JDC20002515 BARNALI HELA Bengali Admitted
25 JDC20002526 SUKANNYA NASKAR Bengali Admitted
26 JDC20003084 PRIYA MISTRY Bengali Admitted
27 JDC20003124 PUJA KHARKA Bengali Admitted
28 JDC20003347 HRITIKA DAS Bengali Admitted
29 JDC20003362 RISHIKA CHATTERJEE Bengali Admitted
30 JDC20003571 MOUMITA GHOSH Bengali Admitted
31 JDC20003805 PUJA HALDER Bengali Admitted
32 JDC20003822 MOWMITA BHOWMICK Bengali Admitted
33 JDC20004005 ANINDITA CHAKI Bengali Admitted
34 JDC20004363 SAYANTANI BARUA Bengali Admitted
35 JDC20005622 INDIRA KAR Bengali Admitted
36 JDC20005825 RITWIKA SENGUPTA Bengali Admitted
37 JDC20005983 PARNA CHATTERJEE English Admitted
38 JDC20005590 ISHANI DAS English Admitted
39 JDC20004303 DEESHA GHOSH English Admitted
40 JDC20004527 RISHITA GUPTA English Admitted
41 JDC20004845 REEDA AMIN English Admitted
42 JDC20004851 HEBA FAIYAZ English Admitted
43 JDC20004937 SALTANAT ANSARI English Admitted
44 JDC20004962 SREEDARSHINI MITRA English Admitted
45 JDC20005182 ANKANA PAL English Admitted
46 JDC20005334 SALMA JAHAN English Admitted
47 JDC20003980 DARAKSHAN HUMAIRA English Admitted
48 JDC20004124 SHADIA HASSAN English Admitted
49 JDC20004168 MEGHANA SAHA English Admitted
50 JDC20004195 SNEHA NATH English Admitted
51 JDC20003592 ARUNIMA SARDAR English Admitted
52 JDC20003403 NABANKITA ROY CHOUDHURY English Admitted
53 JDC20003279 MEGHA PARAMANICK English Admitted
54 JDC20003206 ANNESWA JANA English Admitted
55 JDC20003080 MOLY DAS English Admitted
56 JDC20002991 SNEHA SAMANTA English Admitted
57 JDC20002993 MADHURIMA GHOSH English Admitted
58 JDC20003036 MADHABI HALDER English Admitted
59 JDC20002494 NIKITA BHAGAT English Admitted
60 JDC20002349 LOTUS NASKAR English Admitted
61 JDC20002374 DEBASHMITA PAUL English Admitted
62 JDC20002448 SUDAKSHINA SAHA English Admitted
63 JDC20002757 ADRIJA MANDAL English Admitted
64 JDC20002764 RIYA NASKAR English Admitted
65 JDC20002844 TIYASA MISTRY English Admitted
66 JDC20002213 NILANJONA BASU ROY English Admitted
67 JDC20002089 ARTI DAS English Admitted
68 JDC20001933 MADHUSMITA JASU English Admitted
69 JDC20001879 MANISHA NASKAR English Admitted
70 JDC20001895 SHAINA KHATOON English Admitted
71 JDC20001916 ABANTIKA MONDAL English Admitted
72 JDC20001860 TANUSHA MONDAL English Admitted
73 JDC20001360 SHRUTI NASKAR English Admitted
74 JDC20000819 ABANTIKA RAJAK English Admitted
75 JDC20000859 BARSHA MONDAL English Admitted
76 JDC20000646 PRATYASA SAMANTA English Admitted
77 JDC20000388 LIMA MARINA MAKHAL English Admitted
78 JDC20000139 SNEHA KUMARI English Admitted
79 JDC20000144 POOJA KUMARI English Admitted
80 JDC20000270 URMI MONDAL. History Admitted
81 JDC20000407 AYUSHI GOON History Admitted
82 JDC20000329 SNEHA MONDAL History Admitted
83 JDC20000622 RIYA BERA History Admitted
84 JDC20000645 RINIKA SIKDAR History Admitted
85 JDC20000711 MOUMITA BAIRAGI History Admitted
86 JDC20000685 SARASWATI SOREN History Admitted
87 JDC20001095 PALLAVI BAG History Admitted
88 JDC20001102 SAMINA SHAFI History Admitted
89 JDC20001525 AATKA PARVEEN History Admitted
90 JDC20001610 SONAM DHANUK History Admitted
91 JDC20001319 RIYA BISWAS History Admitted
92 JDC20001669 ARTI DAS History Admitted
93 JDC20002069 SAKSHI CHOWDHARY History Admitted
94 JDC20002189 SOHINI BHAGAT History Admitted
95 JDC20002210 UMA MONDAL History Admitted
96 JDC20002905 RUMI GHOSH History Admitted
97 JDC20002431 ADRITA PAL History Admitted
98 JDC20002424 PRITY HALDER History Admitted
99 JDC20002465 MONISHA DAS History Admitted
100 JDC20002561 NABOMITA HALDAR History Admitted
101 JDC20002564 SUMANA DAS History Admitted
102 JDC20003254 LAXMI KUMARI History Admitted
103 JDC20003478 PUJA ADHIKARY History Admitted
104 JDC20003908 SAGARIKA ROY CHOWDHURY History Admitted
105 JDC20003962 DIYA SEN History Admitted
106 JDC20004123 NIDHI KUMARI History Admitted
107 JDC20004103 ANNAPURNA HALDER History Admitted
108 JDC20004067 SAMMA KHATOON History Admitted
109 JDC20004656 KRITTIKA SARDAR History Admitted
110 JDC20004395 GENILISA CHAKRABORTY History Admitted
111 JDC20004422 AMAN PATRA History Admitted
112 JDC20005554 SANCHARI GHOSH History Admitted
113 JDC20005660 SNEHA MONDAL History Admitted
114 JDC20005992 ARPITA BANERJEE History Admitted
115 JDC20005931 SHIEGUFTA OMAR History Admitted
116 JDC20004678 SANGITA GHOSH Philosophy Admitted
117 JDC20002551 PRIYANKA BISWAS Philosophy Admitted
118 JDC20002094 JYOTI KUMARI SHOW Philosophy Admitted
119 JDC20002053 SUDIPA DAS Philosophy Admitted
120 JDC20001899 RIMA DAS Philosophy Admitted
121 JDC20001042 SUJATA PANDIT Philosophy Admitted
122 JDC20000928 SUDIPA NANDI Philosophy Admitted
123 JDC20000811 SANJUKTA CHAKRABORTY Philosophy Admitted
124 JDC20000437 MOUMITA CHATTERJEE Philosophy Admitted
125 JDC20000413 PAULAMI DAS Philosophy Admitted
126 JDC20000181 DIVYATA YADAV Philosophy Admitted
127 JDC20000302 JAYASHRI SINGHA Political Science Admitted
128 JDC20000285 ARATI MAHATO Political Science Admitted
129 JDC20000590 AMRITA KUMARI Political Science Admitted
130 JDC20000770 SONALI SHARMA Political Science Admitted
131 JDC20000866 ANUSHKA SARKAR Political Science Admitted
132 JDC20000897 ANKITA KUMARI Political Science Admitted
133 JDC20001055 SONAM CHOURASIA Political Science Admitted
134 JDC20001254 PRAMITA PAL Political Science Admitted
135 JDC20001190 SREETAMA CHANDA Political Science Admitted
136 JDC20001551 TARANNUM ARA Political Science Admitted
137 JDC20001889 BAISAKHI KOLEY Political Science Admitted
138 JDC20002006 ANKITA DAS Political Science Admitted
139 JDC20002110 FATEMA KHATOON Political Science Admitted
140 JDC20002556 MARJINA MONDAL Political Science Admitted
141 JDC20002459 TIYASHA SARDAR Political Science Admitted
142 JDC20002347 SNEHA CHOWDHURY Political Science Admitted
143 JDC20002921 SAMSHEE HOSSAIN Political Science Admitted
144 JDC20002670 HANIFA HANNAN Political Science Admitted
145 JDC20002641 NUSRAT HOSSAIN Political Science Admitted
146 JDC20005415 DOYEL BANERJEE Political Science Admitted
147 JDC20005184 SAKINA BEGUM Political Science Admitted
148 JDC20005023 SRISTY ROY Political Science Admitted
149 JDC20005768 SUPRIYA MONDAL Political Science Admitted
150 JDC20005456 TRISHA DEY Political Science Admitted
151 JDC20005333 MAMTA KUMARI Political Science Admitted
152 JDC20004107 ANKITA HALDER Political Science Admitted
153 JDC20004037 PRIYANKA BISWAL Political Science Admitted
154 JDC20003586 QAHQASHA DAWOOD Political Science Admitted
155 JDC20003613 NIKHAT JAHAN KHATOON Political Science Admitted
156 JDC20003654 KHUSHI SHUKLA Political Science Admitted
157 JDC20003441 NILANJANA SAHA Political Science Admitted
158 JDC20003363 SABITA SAHA Political Science Admitted
159 JDC20003196 SONIA SARDAR Political Science Admitted
160 JDC20003046 RIDDHIKA CHATTERJEE Psychology Admitted
161 JDC20003258 AMRISHA BANERJEE Psychology Admitted
162 JDC20003514 AADRITA DEY Psychology Admitted
163 JDC20005923 MARIANESSA Psychology Admitted
164 JDC20005212 DIYA RAKSHIT Psychology Admitted
165 JDC20004729 TANIA SULTANA Psychology Admitted
166 JDC20002005 SUPITI BERA Psychology Admitted
167 JDC20002082 ESHITA KHAN Psychology Admitted
168 JDC20002261 ANINDITA DAS Psychology Admitted
169 JDC20001223 HRISHIKA DEY Psychology Admitted
170 JDC20000255 ANINDITA SUTRADHAR Psychology Admitted
171 JDC20000055 ISHITA ACHARYA Psychology Admitted
172 JDC20000470 SIYA SARDAR Sanskrit Admitted
173 JDC20005837 ASHA DAS Sanskrit Admitted
174 JDC20005937 SRIJITA BASU Sociology Admitted
175 JDC20005234 SREYASHI DAS Sociology Admitted
176 JDC20004813 ABANTIKA KARMAKAR Sociology Admitted
177 JDC20003342 SRITAMA BISWAS Sociology Admitted
178 JDC20003853 SALINI CHOUBEY Sociology Admitted
179 JDC20004061 MAHIMA GHOSH Sociology Admitted
180 JDC20004245 NAHID PARVIN Sociology Admitted
181 JDC20004239 AHELI DUTTA GUPTA Sociology Admitted
182 JDC20000461 SRABONI BOSE Sociology Admitted
183 JDC20000728 SUNANDA MUKHERJEE Sociology Admitted
184 JDC20000275 SAYANTIKA DAS Sociology Admitted
185 JDC20000153 SHRUTI PURKAIT Sociology Admitted
186 JDC20001461 PRIYANKA DAS Sociology Admitted
187 JDC20001481 MANISHA SARKAR Sociology Admitted
188 JDC20001005 SUNITA HALDER Sociology Admitted
189 JDC20002107 MEGHMA CHATTERJEE Sociology Admitted
190 JDC20001919 KRISHNA PAL Sociology Admitted
191 JDC20001662 MEGHOSREE SENGUPTA Sociology Admitted
192 JDC20001732 SATARUPA ROY Sociology Admitted
193 JDC20001795 SWETA SHAW Sociology Admitted
194 JDC20001807 ONGKEE ROY Sociology Admitted
195 JDC20002624 MEGHA NASKAR Sociology Admitted
196 JDC20002727 ANJU NASKAR Sociology Admitted
197 JDC20002911 SUMONA ROY Sociology Admitted
198 JDC20002894 PRAGNA DEY Sociology Admitted
199 JDC20002352 ADWITIYA ROY Sociology Admitted
200 JDC20002342 ADITI SARKAR B.A (General) Admitted
201 JDC20002322 FARAHA NAAZ B.A (General) Admitted
202 JDC20002337 SHAISTA SALIM B.A (General) Admitted
203 JDC20002338 ISHIKA SAHA B.A (General) Admitted
204 JDC20002365 PUJA DEY B.A (General) Admitted
205 JDC20002387 SHAHJAHAN BEGUM B.A (General) Admitted
206 JDC20002390 PINKY SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
207 JDC20002392 NAUREEN SULTANA B.A (General) Admitted
208 JDC20002479 NAAZ KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
209 JDC20002481 DEEPTANEE ROY B.A (General) Admitted
210 JDC20002425 AFSAH ALMAS B.A (General) Admitted
211 JDC20002441 SHREYASI MUKHERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
212 JDC20002451 KABITA PATRA B.A (General) Admitted
213 JDC20002456 RIYA HALDAR B.A (General) Admitted
214 JDC20002622 AJMARI KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
215 JDC20002611 SHARIKA AKHTAR B.A (General) Admitted
216 JDC20002594 RUMA IQBAL B.A (General) Admitted
217 JDC20002602 SILPA SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
218 JDC20002570 SAHINA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
219 JDC20002488 ARTTI DAS B.A (General) Admitted
220 JDC20002492 SAKHI KAYAL B.A (General) Admitted
221 JDC20002500 PRIYANKA BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
222 JDC20002536 MUMTAZ KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
223 JDC20002538 SARIKA PASWAN B.A (General) Admitted
224 JDC20002524 NAAZ PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
225 JDC20002546 NEHA TANTI B.A (General) Admitted
226 JDC20002910 TALAT FATMA B.A (General) Admitted
227 JDC20002810 KAKALI SARDAR B.A (General) Admitted
228 JDC20002823 PARVEEN BEGUM B.A (General) Admitted
229 JDC20002831 ARSHI KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
230 JDC20002838 SHANAZ KHATUN B.A (General) Admitted
231 JDC20002849 YAZRIN FIRDAUS B.A (General) Admitted
232 JDC20002856 PAYEL MAJHI B.A (General) Admitted
233 JDC20002866 SNIGDHA NASKAR B.A (General) Admitted
234 JDC20002868 AMINA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
235 JDC20002882 TITLI BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
236 JDC20002890 PAYEL SARDAR B.A (General) Admitted
237 JDC20002891 JAYA SARKAR B.A (General) Admitted
238 JDC20002731 AISA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
239 JDC20002732 SAIBA NASIM B.A (General) Admitted
240 JDC20002671 NUSRAT PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
241 JDC20002753 ANTARA TAPADER B.A (General) Admitted
242 JDC20002767 RESHMA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
243 JDC20002761 ZUBEDA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
244 JDC20002787 DIYA DOLUI B.A (General) Admitted
245 JDC20002788 SHAIMA YASMIN B.A (General) Admitted
246 JDC20002793 ANKITA HALDAR B.A (General) Admitted
247 JDC20002794 MAMTA KUMARI B.A (General) Admitted
248 JDC20002799 DOLI BARNWAL B.A (General) Admitted
249 JDC20002626 SHAOLI DUTTA B.A (General) Admitted
250 JDC20002627 SANJANA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
251 JDC20002652 ANESA AFRIN B.A (General) Admitted
252 JDC20002684 SANA ALAM B.A (General) Admitted
253 JDC20002686 PRIYANKA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
254 JDC20002689 SANGITA PAL B.A (General) Admitted
255 JDC20002699 ATASHY ROY B.A (General) Admitted
256 JDC20002709 NAAZ KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
257 JDC20002718 BABY PRASAD B.A (General) Admitted
258 JDC20001806 SILPA SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
259 JDC20001830 MISHTU DEBNATH B.A (General) Admitted
260 JDC20001856 PIU DAS B.A (General) Admitted
261 JDC20001859 SUVI DAS B.A (General) Admitted
262 JDC20001735 PUJA SHAH B.A (General) Admitted
263 JDC20001747 DIPIKA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
264 JDC20001754 OINDRILA DEY B.A (General) Admitted
265 JDC20001725 SUDIPTA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
266 JDC20001907 KAJAL YADAV B.A (General) Admitted
267 JDC20001878 SURAVI BARMAN B.A (General) Admitted
268 JDC20001880 TANIYA PAUL B.A (General) Admitted
269 JDC20001934 PRIYANKA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
270 JDC20001936 RIYA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
271 JDC20001938 SAMREEN BANO B.A (General) Admitted
272 JDC20001940 APARNA CHAKRABORTY B.A (General) Admitted
273 JDC20001929 SALMA SULTANA B.A (General) Admitted
274 JDC20001932 SNEHA LAL B.A (General) Admitted
275 JDC20001978 KOMAL KUMARI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
276 JDC20001982 SEEMA KUMARI RAJBANSHI B.A (General) Admitted
277 JDC20002004 PUJA KUMARI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
278 JDC20002099 NIKITA GUPTA B.A (General) Admitted
279 JDC20002112 RASHMIREKHA NAYAK B.A (General) Admitted
280 JDC20002113 AMRIN ANWAR B.A (General) Admitted
281 JDC20002124 ANJALI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
282 JDC20002178 KEYA NATH B.A (General) Admitted
283 JDC20002084 SK SANJIDA B.A (General) Admitted
284 JDC20002009 SUSAMA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
285 JDC20002023 FARHEEN KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
286 JDC20002046 SONIA PRASAD B.A (General) Admitted
287 JDC20002047 JAYEETA SEN B.A (General) Admitted
288 JDC20002050 PRIYANKA SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
289 JDC20002254 PRIYANKA DUTTA BANIK B.A (General) Admitted
290 JDC20002259 KAKOLI ROY B.A (General) Admitted
291 JDC20002293 LABONI SINHA B.A (General) Admitted
292 JDC20002303 SUKANYA GHOSH B.A (General) Admitted
293 JDC20002304 PRIYANKA HALDAR B.A (General) Admitted
294 JDC20002312 TANIYA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
295 JDC20002314 ISHRAT KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
296 JDC20002316 SAMPA NAIYA B.A (General) Admitted
297 JDC20002212 MOST ROZI KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
298 JDC20002199 SHRABANI PAUL B.A (General) Admitted
299 JDC20002207 AYESHA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
300 JDC20002229 RIYA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
301 JDC20002230 JULEE GUPTA B.A (General) Admitted
302 JDC20001011 AUXILIA NISHA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
303 JDC20000951 LAXMI GOSWAMI B.A (General) Admitted
304 JDC20000968 SUSMITA SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
305 JDC20000969 ANJALI KUMARI PRAJAPATI B.A (General) Admitted
306 JDC20000973 SWATI PRAJAPATI B.A (General) Admitted
307 JDC20001038 JYOTI KUMARI THAKUR B.A (General) Admitted
308 JDC20001018 RIYA BHAKTA B.A (General) Admitted
309 JDC20001056 ARPITA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
310 JDC20001061 TANIA KUNDU B.A (General) Admitted
311 JDC20001043 NISHA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
312 JDC20001105 PIU DAS B.A (General) Admitted
313 JDC20001097 SULAGNA CHAKRABORTY B.A (General) Admitted
314 JDC20000875 MEGHA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
315 JDC20000889 FALAK TAHSEEN B.A (General) Admitted
316 JDC20000817 RIYA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
317 JDC20000763 SNEHA GUPTA B.A (General) Admitted
318 JDC20000790 SUSMITA CHAKRABORTY B.A (General) Admitted
319 JDC20000802 RUBINA NASKAR B.A (General) Admitted
320 JDC20001447 JYOTI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
321 JDC20001362 MONIKA HAZRA B.A (General) Admitted
322 JDC20001366 NAZREEN BEGUM B.A (General) Admitted
323 JDC20001300 SANJANA KARKI B.A (General) Admitted
324 JDC20001318 JYOTI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
325 JDC20001646 NEHA ANITA BORA B.A (General) Admitted
326 JDC20001530 POLY SARDAR B.A (General) Admitted
327 JDC20001537 SUKLA BERA B.A (General) Admitted
328 JDC20001545 TRIPARNA DEY B.A (General) Admitted
329 JDC20001508 BINA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
330 JDC20001224 EKTA PATRA B.A (General) Admitted
331 JDC20001202 ANNASHA BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
332 JDC20001209 SAYANI SARKAR B.A (General) Admitted
333 JDC20001221 SUKUNTALA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
334 JDC20001242 SHRABANI KARMAKAR B.A (General) Admitted
335 JDC20001138 JICRING NISSA B.A (General) Admitted
336 JDC20001268 JUHI KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
337 JDC20000283 DEVALINA JANA B.A (General) Admitted
338 JDC20000252 PRITI SHARMA B.A (General) Admitted
339 JDC20000179 NEHA RAY B.A (General) Admitted
340 JDC20000006 NEHA MONAL B.A (General) Admitted
341 JDC20000019 SHIVANGI HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
342 JDC20000116 KAKULE DAS B.A (General) Admitted
343 JDC20000320 SOUMI DEY B.A (General) Admitted
344 JDC20000324 PUJA SHOW B.A (General) Admitted
345 JDC20000304 PRIYA PANJA B.A (General) Admitted
346 JDC20000355 MOUSUMI MITRA B.A (General) Admitted
347 JDC20000358 SOMA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
348 JDC20000363 TANIMA DEBNATH B.A (General) Admitted
349 JDC20000416 KUSUMIKA NANDAN B.A (General) Admitted
350 JDC20000422 POMPY SHARMA B.A (General) Admitted
351 JDC20000451 SAPNA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
352 JDC20000452 PRIYANKA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
353 JDC20000433 NEHA RAY B.A (General) Admitted
354 JDC20000382 PRITI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
355 JDC20000368 DONA MUKHERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
356 JDC20000370 PUJA KAYAL B.A (General) Admitted
357 JDC20000373 MAMASRI SEN B.A (General) Admitted
358 JDC20000731 ANISHA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
359 JDC20000735 DOLLY HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
360 JDC20000737 MALA KUMARI DEY B.A (General) Admitted
361 JDC20000759 RIMA DUTTA B.A (General) Admitted
362 JDC20000695 NISHA CHOWDHURY B.A (General) Admitted
363 JDC20000718 DIPTI MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
364 JDC20000682 RIYA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
365 JDC20000648 PIYALI PAL B.A (General) Admitted
366 JDC20000469 MEGHA KUMARI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
367 JDC20000487 SAHANI DATTA B.A (General) Admitted
368 JDC20000488 SNEHA NAG B.A (General) Admitted
369 JDC20000505 TANIYA PRASAD B.A (General) Admitted
370 JDC20000507 DIPIKA BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
371 JDC20000576 LIPIKA CHOWDHURY B.A (General) Admitted
372 JDC20000602 RINKY RAJAK B.A (General) Admitted
373 JDC20000607 PINKY RAJAK B.A (General) Admitted
374 JDC20000611 MUMTAZ HUSSAIN B.A (General) Admitted
375 JDC20000520 ANKITA SAMAL B.A (General) Admitted
376 JDC20000525 MITHU ROY B.A (General) Admitted
377 JDC20000551 JAYITA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
378 JDC20004279 RUKSHAR BEGUM B.A (General) Admitted
379 JDC20004264 ANISHA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
380 JDC20004265 SANA SHARFUDDIN B.A (General) Admitted
381 JDC20004247 RITU PURKAIT B.A (General) Admitted
382 JDC20004236 HAIMANTEE JADAB B.A (General) Admitted
383 JDC20004174 BARNA MISTRI B.A (General) Admitted
384 JDC20004187 SHAMPA MISTRI B.A (General) Admitted
385 JDC20004202 SUMPRIYA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
386 JDC20004205 AFRIN KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
387 JDC20004077 KOYENA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
388 JDC20004030 ROSHNI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
389 JDC20004100 AISWARYA PRADHAN B.A (General) Admitted
390 JDC20004106 JYOTI DAS B.A (General) Admitted
391 JDC20004139 SHIKHA PAUL B.A (General) Admitted
392 JDC20004039 KRITI ROY B.A (General) Admitted
393 JDC20004055 NEHA SULTANA B.A (General) Admitted
394 JDC20004056 ARPITA GHOSH B.A (General) Admitted
395 JDC20004014 GARGI SAHA B.A (General) Admitted
396 JDC20003970 NISHA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
397 JDC20003977 SHAHNEELA SABIR B.A (General) Admitted
398 JDC20003953 ARATI SHARMA B.A (General) Admitted
399 JDC20003993 ROSHNI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
400 JDC20003866 HAMIDA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
401 JDC20003870 NIKHAT PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
402 JDC20003894 ANNU YADAV B.A (General) Admitted
403 JDC20003829 RUKSAR KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
404 JDC20003796 MUNMUN DAS B.A (General) Admitted
405 JDC20003821 RAIMA DEY B.A (General) Admitted
406 JDC20003929 PRITY SINGHA B.A (General) Admitted
407 JDC20003942 KHUSHBU SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
408 JDC20003912 SAGARIKA ROY CHOWDHURY B.A (General) Admitted
409 JDC20003904 SNEHA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
410 JDC20003920 RITUPARNA HALDAR B.A (General) Admitted
411 JDC20003618 ARPITA MALLICK B.A (General) Admitted
412 JDC20003708 CHANDA KUMARI GOND B.A (General) Admitted
413 JDC20003739 MANSHI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
414 JDC20003746 JAYA MALI B.A (General) Admitted
415 JDC20003752 YASMIN BABY B.A (General) Admitted
416 JDC20003761 SUFIA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
417 JDC20003767 RIMITA KARMAKAR B.A (General) Admitted
418 JDC20003808 ANAMIKA BAIDYA B.A (General) Admitted
419 JDC20003605 AYESHA KHAN B.A (General) Admitted
420 JDC20003633 RIYA MOHANTO B.A (General) Admitted
421 JDC20003579 FATMA ALI B.A (General) Admitted
422 JDC20003580 PRIYANKA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
423 JDC20003337 MILI DEY B.A (General) Admitted
424 JDC20003358 DISHA BHUIYA B.A (General) Admitted
425 JDC20003359 ANISHA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
426 JDC20003361 KANCHAN JHA B.A (General) Admitted
427 JDC20003366 MADHUMITA ADHIKARY B.A (General) Admitted
428 JDC20003369 ZEENAT PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
429 JDC20003372 ANKITA KARMAKAR B.A (General) Admitted
430 JDC20003384 PRITI HELA B.A (General) Admitted
431 JDC20003394 JHUMPA SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
432 JDC20003261 RANI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
433 JDC20003281 KABITA MARDI B.A (General) Admitted
434 JDC20003289 SALEHA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
435 JDC20003324 KAVITA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
436 JDC20003326 PAYAL BANERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
437 JDC20003327 SRAYA BANERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
438 JDC20003515 PRITY KUMARI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
439 JDC20003495 TANIYA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
440 JDC20003520 RIYA BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
441 JDC20003547 SARIYA PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
442 JDC20003553 KAJAL SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
443 JDC20003559 ZEENAT KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
444 JDC20003562 SHARMILA PANDEY B.A (General) Admitted
445 JDC20003564 SILPI SENAPATI B.A (General) Admitted
446 JDC20003565 SUDESHNA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
447 JDC20003568 NEHA KUMARI SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
448 JDC20003442 SHARMISTHA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
449 JDC20003447 PALLABI JANA B.A (General) Admitted
450 JDC20003398 NAAZ IQBAL B.A (General) Admitted
451 JDC20003414 PRIYANKA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
452 JDC20003422 DIPANNITA SAHOO B.A (General) Admitted
453 JDC20003423 KAIKASHA HOSSAIN B.A (General) Admitted
454 JDC20003048 SHUBHASMITA BANERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
455 JDC20003051 TANIYA BHOWMICK B.A (General) Admitted
456 JDC20003053 SUSMITA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
457 JDC20003071 BINA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
458 JDC20003091 NITU KUMARI RAM B.A (General) Admitted
459 JDC20003097 VAISHALI CHOWDHUEY B.A (General) Admitted
460 JDC20002987 TEEYASA SINHA B.A (General) Admitted
461 JDC20003006 BARSHA BANIK B.A (General) Admitted
462 JDC20003008 JYOTI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
463 JDC20003010 ISHANI DEY B.A (General) Admitted
464 JDC20002962 SAYANTIKA DEB B.A (General) Admitted
465 JDC20002976 SWETA KUMARI YADAV B.A (General) Admitted
466 JDC20002938 MOUSUMI PRADHAN B.A (General) Admitted
467 JDC20002945 BILKISH FAROQUE B.A (General) Admitted
468 JDC20003189 MASHIUN HAKIM B.A (General) Admitted
469 JDC20003190 SHRUTI CHAKRABORTY B.A (General) Admitted
470 JDC20003215 SRIJANI DAS B.A (General) Admitted
471 JDC20003220 SABIA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
472 JDC20003243 SHABNAM KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
473 JDC20003126 PRIYANKA NASKAR B.A (General) Admitted
474 JDC20003127 SABNAM KHATUN B.A (General) Admitted
475 JDC20003108 PRIYANKA PATRA B.A (General) Admitted
476 JDC20003114 SNEHA SAHA B.A (General) Admitted
477 JDC20003137 PUJA PODDER B.A (General) Admitted
478 JDC20003175 AFREEN MASHOOD B.A (General) Admitted
479 JDC20004827 SULAGNA DAS B.A (General) Admitted
480 JDC20004767 ISHIKA DEY B.A (General) Admitted
481 JDC20004777 BRINDA CHATERJEE B.A (General) Admitted
482 JDC20004903 SRIJA DEBNATH B.A (General) Admitted
483 JDC20005033 SOUMITA PAUL B.A (General) Admitted
484 JDC20005039 RAZIA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
485 JDC20005047 BINA JOARDER B.A (General) Admitted
486 JDC20005051 SHAMSUN NEHA B.A (General) Admitted
487 JDC20004945 AHANA DHAR B.A (General) Admitted
488 JDC20004959 ARCHANA SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
489 JDC20004812 SUPRIYA CHAKRABORTY B.A (General) Admitted
490 JDC20005014 DARAKSHA BANO B.A (General) Admitted
491 JDC20005020 PURNIMA B.A (General) Admitted
492 JDC20005062 SHAHINA PARVEEN B.A (General) Admitted
493 JDC20005105 SUSMITA BISWAS B.A (General) Admitted
494 JDC20005359 MRINMOYEE DAS B.A (General) Admitted
495 JDC20005298 PUJARANI PURKAIT B.A (General) Admitted
496 JDC20004752 SANA AHMED B.A (General) Admitted
497 JDC20004675 SABA KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
498 JDC20004660 ANUNIMA MALIK B.A (General) Admitted
499 JDC20004546 SWETA KUMARI VERMA B.A (General) Admitted
500 JDC20004598 ASHA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
501 JDC20004616 SAGARIKA MANDAL B.A (General) Admitted
502 JDC20004619 PAYEL MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
503 JDC20004632 DEEPSHIKHA ROY B.A (General) Admitted
504 JDC20004429 SHAHNAJ PARVIN B.A (General) Admitted
505 JDC20004432 PRATIMA SARKAR B.A (General) Admitted
506 JDC20004437 SUNDARI KUMARI B.A (General) Admitted
507 JDC20004421 AMITA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
508 JDC20004472 FARAT KHATOON B.A (General) Admitted
509 JDC20004476 HEAYA MODAK B.A (General) Admitted
510 JDC20004508 RISHITA BASU B.A (General) Admitted
511 JDC20004399 KARUNA KUMARI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
512 JDC20004413 MEHZABIN HOSSAIN B.A (General) Admitted
513 JDC20004304 SIMA BEGUM B.A (General) Admitted
514 JDC20004312 LIPIKA GHOSH B.A (General) Admitted
515 JDC20004319 SANJANA JAISWARA B.A (General) Admitted
516 JDC20004287 SINTHEA ROUTH B.A (General) Admitted
517 JDC20005946 SHIREEN PARVEZ B.A (General) Admitted
518 JDC20005947 SISMUNI SHARMA B.A (General) Admitted
519 JDC20005953 MAMPI BHUIYA B.A (General) Admitted
520 JDC20005876 SUCHANDRA NASKAR B.A (General) Admitted
521 JDC20005934 NEETU SHAW B.A (General) Admitted
522 JDC20006003 SUMBUL SARIKA B.A (General) Admitted
523 JDC20005842 RINKI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
524 JDC20005843 PRIYANKA GHOSH B.A (General) Admitted
525 JDC20005849 KHUSNUMA ASLAM B.A (General) Admitted
526 JDC20005831 SAYANI SARKAR B.A (General) Admitted
527 JDC20005797 SHYAMALI SARDAR B.A (General) Admitted
528 JDC20005804 NUSHRA FATMA B.A (General) Admitted
529 JDC20005493 SHIRSHA KANJILAL B.A (General) Admitted
530 JDC20005387 PAMPA MONDAL B.A (General) Admitted
531 JDC20005555 RINKI DAS B.A (General) Admitted
532 JDC20005557 PRITYPARNA SEN B.A (General) Admitted
533 JDC20005673 KHUSHBOO SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
534 JDC20005639 LATA MAJHI B.A (General) Admitted
535 JDC20005709 TANIA GHOSH B.A (General) Admitted
536 JDC20005750 RIYANKA SAHA B.A (General) Admitted
537 JDC20006027 MANISHA KUMARI SINGH B.A (General) Admitted
538 JDC20006058 ANKITA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
539 JDC20006061 BISHAKHA THAKUR B.A (General) Admitted
540 JDC20006088 PUJA HALDER B.A (General) Admitted
541 JDC20006093 SUJATA NASKAR B.A (General) Admitted
542 JDC20005978 SANZANA NAKIR B.A (General) Admitted
543 JDC20003203 SUBARNA MONDAL Communicative English Admitted
544 JDC20003077 ANJALI THAKUR Communicative English Admitted
545 JDC20000343 ANJALI KUMARI Communicative English Admitted
546 JDC20001293 SHIBANI PASWAN Communicative English Admitted
547 JDC20002756 MOHIMA GOSWAMI Communicative English Admitted
548 JDC20002742 ZEENAT SHAHEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
549 JDC20002800 KHUSHI GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
550 JDC20002657 AKANSHA SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
551 JDC20002662 SHRUTI DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
552 JDC20002628 ANISHA KHATUN Accounting and Finance Admitted
553 JDC20002893 SANJANA KU SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
554 JDC20002869 PREETY SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
555 JDC20002842 VARSHA KUMARI MISHRA Accounting and Finance Admitted
556 JDC20002825 RUPA MONDAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
557 JDC20002826 SONAM SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
558 JDC20002917 SRUTI MITRA Accounting and Finance Admitted
559 JDC20002673 ROSHNI UPADHYAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
560 JDC20002909 TANNU THAKUR Accounting and Finance Admitted
561 JDC20002845 DEEPA THAKUR Accounting and Finance Admitted
562 JDC20002848 BARSHA KUMARI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
563 JDC20002899 RAJESWARI DEY Accounting and Finance Admitted
564 JDC20002502 KAREENA YADAV Accounting and Finance Admitted
565 JDC20002505 ASMINA KHATUN Accounting and Finance Admitted
566 JDC20002496 SUNAYANA SAHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
567 JDC20002516 NEHA ALI Accounting and Finance Admitted
568 JDC20002519 SREYASHI NANDAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
569 JDC20002577 SUSMITA MONDAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
570 JDC20002587 RENI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
571 JDC20002553 SANJANA KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
572 JDC20002414 MUSKAN JHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
573 JDC20002415 PUJA KUMARI SHAH Accounting and Finance Admitted
574 JDC20002363 ANNU GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
575 JDC20002241 NIRJA KHANDELWAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
576 JDC20002187 SHAWRAT PARVEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
577 JDC20002252 RONITA SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
578 JDC20002208 RIYA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
579 JDC20002313 TANIYA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
580 JDC20002311 JYOTI KUMARI CHOWDHURY Accounting and Finance Admitted
581 JDC20002267 PRIYANKA TANTI Accounting and Finance Admitted
582 JDC20002268 SRABONTI JANA Accounting and Finance Admitted
583 JDC20002275 ISHITA SEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
584 JDC20002029 NAHID KHATOON Accounting and Finance Admitted
585 JDC20002016 PRIYANKA KAMAT Accounting and Finance Admitted
586 JDC20002092 ANISHA DEY Accounting and Finance Admitted
587 JDC20002045 FOUZIA RAHAMAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
588 JDC20002181 SHABANA KHAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
589 JDC20002078 CHANDRIMA PANDEY Accounting and Finance Admitted
590 JDC20002146 ISHRAT JAHAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
591 JDC20002100 NANDINI KUMARI SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
592 JDC20002108 SUMITA KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
593 JDC20002109 SANA KHAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
594 JDC20001999 POOJA KUMARI GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
595 JDC20001974 PAYEL HAIT Accounting and Finance Admitted
596 JDC20001981 DRISHTY ATHWANI Accounting and Finance Admitted
597 JDC20001881 SHRUTEE KUMARI SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
598 JDC20001871 SHAHEEN AHMED Accounting and Finance Admitted
599 JDC20001913 PUNAM GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
600 JDC20001886 MANISHA KUMARI ROY Accounting and Finance Admitted
601 JDC20001894 SUSHMA BHARATI JHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
602 JDC20001755 FATMA KHATUN Accounting and Finance Admitted
603 JDC20001479 DEBJANI BISWAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
604 JDC20001680 MUSKAN GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
605 JDC20001659 NEHA PATWA Accounting and Finance Admitted
606 JDC20001693 KAJAL KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
607 JDC20001841 PRIYANKA KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
608 JDC20001849 EKRA AFZAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
609 JDC20001817 PRITI RAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
610 JDC20001281 FARIZA FAROOQUE Accounting and Finance Admitted
611 JDC20001320 BARSHA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
612 JDC20001265 SANJANA RAM Accounting and Finance Admitted
613 JDC20001521 TAHSIN HASAN Accounting and Finance Admitted
614 JDC20001522 SHALU RAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
615 JDC20001611 NILANJONA MAKHAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
616 JDC20001626 SHAHEENA SADIQUE Accounting and Finance Admitted
617 JDC20001639 SOUMI DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
618 JDC20001342 MUSKAN KHATOON Accounting and Finance Admitted
619 JDC20001370 DEBOSMITA GHOSH Accounting and Finance Admitted
620 JDC20001488 DIPANNITA THAKURTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
621 JDC20001490 PALLAVI BHANDARY Accounting and Finance Admitted
622 JDC20001496 SONAM KUMARI SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
623 JDC20001506 OINDRILA BASAK Accounting and Finance Admitted
624 JDC20000807 HAMIDA PARVEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
625 JDC20000796 AFREEN JUNAID Accounting and Finance Admitted
626 JDC20000755 REYAZ E FATEMA Accounting and Finance Admitted
627 JDC20000813 SABIA JUNAID Accounting and Finance Admitted
628 JDC20000827 NISHA SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
629 JDC20000829 SUJATA PANDIT Accounting and Finance Admitted
630 JDC20000893 RACHANA SAHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
631 JDC20000895 TANNU SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
632 JDC20000879 MANISHA MISHRA Accounting and Finance Admitted
633 JDC20000904 SWEETY KUMARI RAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
634 JDC20000836 RITU KANT Accounting and Finance Admitted
635 JDC20000863 NEHA DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
636 JDC20001019 RAJ NANDINI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
637 JDC20001021 PIYALI JANA Accounting and Finance Admitted
638 JDC20000981 PINKI CHOWDHURY Accounting and Finance Admitted
639 JDC20000348 RIYA JANA Accounting and Finance Admitted
640 JDC20000328 ISHANI DEY Accounting and Finance Admitted
641 JDC20000408 PRIYANKA KUMARI YADAV Accounting and Finance Admitted
642 JDC20000377 KANCHAN JHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
643 JDC20000428 SNEHA GHOSH Accounting and Finance Admitted
644 JDC20000029 KAJAL TIWARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
645 JDC20000035 NEHA JHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
646 JDC20000007 RAKHI MONAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
647 JDC20000212 JHILIK DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
648 JDC20000143 LISA PAUL Accounting and Finance Admitted
649 JDC20000504 KARISHMA PARVEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
650 JDC20000587 MOUSUMI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
651 JDC20000588 SHAYANI DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
652 JDC20000512 LAXMI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
653 JDC20000517 ANNESWA CHAKRABORTY Accounting and Finance Admitted
654 JDC20000476 PRAMITA DUTTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
655 JDC20000641 NANDITA KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
656 JDC20000565 SUDIPA PRAMANIK Accounting and Finance Admitted
657 JDC20000615 GUDLI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
658 JDC20000679 NIKHAT PARVIN Accounting and Finance Admitted
659 JDC20000655 SANJANA MAJUMDER Accounting and Finance Admitted
660 JDC20000689 MANISHA KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
661 JDC20000694 SWEETY KUMARI TIWARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
662 JDC20003070 PUJA BHUNIYA Accounting and Finance Admitted
663 JDC20003231 SUPRIYA TIWARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
664 JDC20003191 NAVANITA MONDAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
665 JDC20003192 AYESHA KHATOON Accounting and Finance Admitted
666 JDC20003179 GURIYA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
667 JDC20003182 TANIA BHATTACHARJEE Accounting and Finance Admitted
668 JDC20003139 SHILPI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
669 JDC20003115 ANJALI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
670 JDC20003490 BARKHA YADAV Accounting and Finance Admitted
671 JDC20003569 LAXMI GORAIN Accounting and Finance Admitted
672 JDC20003535 SONIYA CHOWDHURY Accounting and Finance Admitted
673 JDC20003517 KANIZ FATMA Accounting and Finance Admitted
674 JDC20003335 KAJAL TIWARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
675 JDC20003270 TISHA DAS Accounting and Finance Admitted
676 JDC20003271 SWAGATA KESH Accounting and Finance Admitted
677 JDC20003353 ZAINAB REYAZ Accounting and Finance Admitted
678 JDC20003338 ANKITA KARMAKAR Accounting and Finance Admitted
679 JDC20003252 SANDHABI GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
680 JDC20003582 NISHITA PRAMANICK Accounting and Finance Admitted
681 JDC20003637 NIDHI MISHRA Accounting and Finance Admitted
682 JDC20003641 ROUNAQUE PARVEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
683 JDC20003646 NUZHAT PARVEEN Accounting and Finance Admitted
684 JDC20003617 PRIYA SHARMA Accounting and Finance Admitted
685 JDC20003809 SIKHA KR SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
686 JDC20003782 ANCHAL RAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
687 JDC20003786 MUSKAN BHARATI Accounting and Finance Admitted
688 JDC20003687 SATARUPA SAHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
689 JDC20003940 SEJAL KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
690 JDC20003941 SOUMI GHOSH Accounting and Finance Admitted
691 JDC20003927 NIDHI THAKUR Accounting and Finance Admitted
692 JDC20003807 GUPPI VIJAYALAKSHMI Accounting and Finance Admitted
693 JDC20003838 NITU SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
694 JDC20003881 TANIYA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
695 JDC20003888 NOOR AYESHA ANSAR Accounting and Finance Admitted
696 JDC20003893 PRITI PRASAD Accounting and Finance Admitted
697 JDC20003990 KOMAL RAJBANSHI Accounting and Finance Admitted
698 JDC20004068 ANUSHKA SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
699 JDC20004072 SWARNALI BANERJEE Accounting and Finance Admitted
700 JDC20004222 DOLLY KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
701 JDC20004204 RIYA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
702 JDC20005857 SIMI PRASAD Accounting and Finance Admitted
703 JDC20005889 AYESHA MERAJ Accounting and Finance Admitted
704 JDC20004427 SADAF NOORIE Accounting and Finance Admitted
705 JDC20004550 SONY KUMARI Accounting and Finance Admitted
706 JDC20004754 PUJA SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
707 JDC20004730 AAVRITI GUPTA Accounting and Finance Admitted
708 JDC20005150 KAMNI SHAW Accounting and Finance Admitted
709 JDC20005225 SRITAMA DEB Accounting and Finance Admitted
710 JDC20005431 SOPHIA AZIM Accounting and Finance Admitted
711 JDC20005434 PREETI JAISWAL Accounting and Finance Admitted
712 JDC20004944 RIMA SHAH Accounting and Finance Admitted
713 JDC20004965 SHREYA BHOWMICK Accounting and Finance Admitted
714 JDC20004967 NOUREEN NADIM Accounting and Finance Admitted
715 JDC20004980 SNIGDHA GUHA Accounting and Finance Admitted
716 JDC20004904 CHANDNI SINGH Accounting and Finance Admitted
717 JDC20004852 RIYA KUMARI RAY Accounting and Finance Admitted
718 JDC20004881 ZARIN ARA Accounting and Finance Admitted
719 JDC20005012 SREYA MUKHERJEE B.Com. (General) Admitted
720 JDC20004929 SIMRAN KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
721 JDC20005377 NIKHAT KHATUN B.Com. (General) Admitted
722 JDC20005308 SNEHA SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
723 JDC20004717 SONALI KUMARI MISHRA B.Com. (General) Admitted
724 JDC20004689 RITU RAJAK B.Com. (General) Admitted
725 JDC20004538 KM SALINI B.Com. (General) Admitted
726 JDC20004557 SHABAH KHATOON B.Com. (General) Admitted
727 JDC20004634 ESHIKA KUMARI GUPTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
728 JDC20004459 KASHAF FAROOQUE B.Com. (General) Admitted
729 JDC20004294 SIMRAN FATIMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
730 JDC20004298 POONAM KUMARI YADAV B.Com. (General) Admitted
731 JDC20004365 PRIYANKA KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
732 JDC20004375 SWETA YADAV B.Com. (General) Admitted
733 JDC20004384 PRIYA SHRMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
734 JDC20004349 PRACHI DEY B.Com. (General) Admitted
735 JDC20006001 NANCY DHANUK B.Com. (General) Admitted
736 JDC20005850 SANJANA DHANUK B.Com. (General) Admitted
737 JDC20005809 ANUSIKHA SASMAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
738 JDC20005810 AMANPREET KAUR B.Com. (General) Admitted
739 JDC20005800 RIYA KARMAKAR B.Com. (General) Admitted
740 JDC20005643 JAGITA KUMARI MONDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
741 JDC20005664 RANI MALLICK B.Com. (General) Admitted
742 JDC20005577 MUSKAN KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
743 JDC20005543 SRIYA SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
744 JDC20005547 PUJA THAPA B.Com. (General) Admitted
745 JDC20005412 BINA KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
746 JDC20006053 TANIA CHOWDHURY B.Com. (General) Admitted
747 JDC20004233 PRIYA SHAH B.Com. (General) Admitted
748 JDC20004270 ANSHU BOHARA B.Com. (General) Admitted
749 JDC20004171 PINKI PANDIT B.Com. (General) Admitted
750 JDC20004111 PRERNA KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
751 JDC20004028 YASMIN PARVEEN B.Com. (General) Admitted
752 JDC20004029 JYOTI YADAV B.Com. (General) Admitted
753 JDC20003947 DEBOPRIYA DAS B.Com. (General) Admitted
754 JDC20003879 NEHA SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
755 JDC20003926 SWETA PAUL B.Com. (General) Admitted
756 JDC20003740 ESHA MONDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
757 JDC20003596 RAJNITA SAHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
758 JDC20003388 KHUSHBOO JHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
759 JDC20003336 SUJATA KUMARI RANGWA B.Com. (General) Admitted
760 JDC20003296 PUJA SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
761 JDC20003448 PRIYANKA SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
762 JDC20003432 EQRA KALAM B.Com. (General) Admitted
763 JDC20003433 SHILPI HELA B.Com. (General) Admitted
764 JDC20003411 MALIKA DAS B.Com. (General) Admitted
765 JDC20003176 FARHIN ANJUM B.Com. (General) Admitted
766 JDC20003166 NEHA KUMARI SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
767 JDC20003201 SASHI MISHRA B.Com. (General) Admitted
768 JDC20003195 PRIYANKA PANDIT B.Com. (General) Admitted
769 JDC20003104 NISHA SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
770 JDC20003090 SUSHMITA BASAK B.Com. (General) Admitted
771 JDC20002985 SNEHA RAM B.Com. (General) Admitted
772 JDC20003016 NEHA BALMIKI B.Com. (General) Admitted
773 JDC20000727 RIYA HAZRA B.Com. (General) Admitted
774 JDC20000753 ARBI SEN GUPTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
775 JDC20000616 TANISHA DAS B.Com. (General) Admitted
776 JDC20000642 ANANYA THAKUR CHAKRABORTY B.Com. (General) Admitted
777 JDC20000491 PALLAVI GOSWAMI B.Com. (General) Admitted
778 JDC20000561 SIMRAN GUPTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
779 JDC20000529 SNEHA KUNDU B.Com. (General) Admitted
780 JDC20000102 SWETA AGARWAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
781 JDC20000162 PUNAM KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
782 JDC20000044 ANJALI SINHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
783 JDC20000021 ANWESHA ROY B.Com. (General) Admitted
784 JDC20000068 AYUSHI DEY B.Com. (General) Admitted
785 JDC20000070 MANMEET KAUR B.Com. (General) Admitted
786 JDC20000080 SAMIMA AKTAR B.Com. (General) Admitted
787 JDC20000366 ALFIA MOIN B.Com. (General) Admitted
788 JDC20000994 TRISHA AGARWAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
789 JDC20001028 NAHID NAWAZI B.Com. (General) Admitted
790 JDC20001031 KAIHKASHAN NAAZ B.Com. (General) Admitted
791 JDC20001032 BARNALI ASH B.Com. (General) Admitted
792 JDC20001037 MOUSUMI BHANJA B.Com. (General) Admitted
793 JDC20001039 NIKHAT ARA B.Com. (General) Admitted
794 JDC20001059 PROGYA SIKDAR B.Com. (General) Admitted
795 JDC20001046 HAIQUA IQBAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
796 JDC20001085 PRIYANKA DUBEY B.Com. (General) Admitted
797 JDC20000838 KUSUM MOMDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
798 JDC20000839 DEEPA MONDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
799 JDC20000861 SHAKSHI PANDEY B.Com. (General) Admitted
800 JDC20000856 PUNAM DAS B.Com. (General) Admitted
801 JDC20000900 RAJNANDANI JHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
802 JDC20001467 ZAINAB KHATOON B.Com. (General) Admitted
803 JDC20001356 SAKSHI DIXIT B.Com. (General) Admitted
804 JDC20001359 SONIYA MONDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
805 JDC20001602 NOOR AFSHA KHANAM B.Com. (General) Admitted
806 JDC20001532 SONALI SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
807 JDC20001288 NIKITA SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
808 JDC20001294 SOPHIA ALAM B.Com. (General) Admitted
809 JDC20001269 ANJALI SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
810 JDC20001270 SONALI DUTTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
811 JDC20001201 ARUNIMA MAITY B.Com. (General) Admitted
812 JDC20001232 RIYA THAKUR B.Com. (General) Admitted
813 JDC20001234 NANDANY MANDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
814 JDC20001835 DIVYA JADAV B.Com. (General) Admitted
815 JDC20001839 PRIYANKA MONDAL B.Com. (General) Admitted
816 JDC20001844 ANANYA SRIMANI B.Com. (General) Admitted
817 JDC20001864 JYOTI CHOWDHURY B.Com. (General) Admitted
818 JDC20001865 RAJNANDINI SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
819 JDC20001655 NITU JHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
820 JDC20001766 SANCHAREE MODAK B.Com. (General) Admitted
821 JDC20001915 SANGITA GHOSH B.Com. (General) Admitted
822 JDC20001891 NEHA THAKUR B.Com. (General) Admitted
823 JDC20001883 BIPASHA GHOSH B.Com. (General) Admitted
824 JDC20001967 PRIYANKA ROY B.Com. (General) Admitted
825 JDC20001994 SAHAR MAHTAB B.Com. (General) Admitted
826 JDC20001995 RADHIKA RAJAK B.Com. (General) Admitted
827 JDC20002071 AYESHA ASHFAQUE B.Com. (General) Admitted
828 JDC20002321 KHUSHBOO KUMARI ROY B.Com. (General) Admitted
829 JDC20002295 SHUHANI THAKUR B.Com. (General) Admitted
830 JDC20002301 TEHSEEN ASLAM B.Com. (General) Admitted
831 JDC20002264 PARINITA GUPTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
832 JDC20002215 PRITI SHARMA B.Com. (General) Admitted
833 JDC20002218 YASMIN NISHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
834 JDC20002242 JYOTI DAS B.Com. (General) Admitted
835 JDC20002402 NOOR AKSHA B.Com. (General) Admitted
836 JDC20002340 KHUSHI SINGH B.Com. (General) Admitted
837 JDC20002328 SRISTI SINGH B.Com. (General) Admitted
838 JDC20002361 NAYAB HUSSAIN B.Com. (General) Admitted
839 JDC20002383 SHARMISTHA DUTTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
840 JDC20002469 JYOTI SINGH B.Com. (General) Admitted
841 JDC20002470 NEHA PANDEY B.Com. (General) Admitted
842 JDC20002562 SHANA PARVEEN B.Com. (General) Admitted
843 JDC20002593 MEGHA SINGH B.Com. (General) Admitted
844 JDC20002574 NEBADITA KAMAT B.Com. (General) Admitted
845 JDC20002595 SNEHA GUPTA B.Com. (General) Admitted
846 JDC20002523 NEHA KUMARI SHAW B.Com. (General) Admitted
847 JDC20002532 SHAINA PARVEEN B.Com. (General) Admitted
848 JDC20002543 DURGA KUMARI B.Com. (General) Admitted
849 JDC20002696 ANIMITA ROY B.Com. (General) Admitted
850 JDC20002904 TISHA RAY Botany Admitted
851 JDC20002906 ARINDIMA PATHAK Botany Admitted
852 JDC20002621 SADAF NAAZ Botany Admitted
853 JDC20002251 SUDIPTA MAJUMDER Botany Admitted
854 JDC20001184 ANUSHREE SARKAR Botany Admitted
855 JDC20001291 SUPARNA BISWAS Botany Admitted
856 JDC20001317 SANGITA ROY Botany Admitted
857 JDC20000119 SUPRITI KUILA Botany Admitted
858 JDC20000174 RIYA GUPTA Botany Admitted
859 JDC20003174 PAYEL HALDER Botany Admitted
860 JDC20003994 TULI PAL Botany Admitted
861 JDC20004136 SRIMAYEE SARKHEL Botany Admitted
862 JDC20005470 NANDINI LAHA Botany Admitted
863 JDC20005688 ZAINAB MANSOOR Botany Admitted
864 JDC20005625 NAFISHA AFRIN Botany Admitted
865 JDC20005746 SHEHNAZ AKHTAR Botany Admitted
866 JDC20005955 SAYANTONI PRAMANIK Botany Admitted
867 JDC20004416 TITHI BOSE Botany Admitted
868 JDC20004494 ANWESHA DAS MAHAPATRA Botany Admitted
869 JDC20004525 TIYASA DAS Botany Admitted
870 JDC20004438 DEEPANWITA SAHA Botany Admitted
871 JDC20004582 SEMANTI CHAKRABORTY Botany Admitted
872 JDC20005291 PRITI BETAL Botany Admitted
873 JDC20005450 USHASI MAITY Botany Admitted
874 JDC20004807 ZOHONA ZAHIR Botany Admitted
875 JDC20004708 ANKITA BISWAS Chemistry Admitted
876 JDC20004964 SUKANYA CHAKRABORTY Chemistry Admitted
877 JDC20005089 ANINDITA MANDAL Chemistry Admitted
878 JDC20004668 ARSHI AKHTAR Chemistry Admitted
879 JDC20004723 PAYEL DALAL Chemistry Admitted
880 JDC20005974 SUKANYA KHATUA Chemistry Admitted
881 JDC20005779 JUI ROY Chemistry Admitted
882 JDC20005713 ISHITA BARMAN Chemistry Admitted
883 JDC20005634 KOYENA KARAN Chemistry Admitted
884 JDC20004153 SOHINI ROY Chemistry Admitted
885 JDC20004157 MOULI SASMAL Chemistry Admitted
886 JDC20004203 NEHA THAKUR Chemistry Admitted
887 JDC20004251 ANUSHKA MAJI Chemistry Admitted
888 JDC20004252 DIPANNITA SEN Chemistry Admitted
889 JDC20003577 SHREYAA GANGULY Chemistry Admitted
890 JDC20003131 PRITY SARDAR Chemistry Admitted
891 JDC20003428 AYUSHMITA MUKHERJEE Chemistry Admitted
892 JDC20000150 ANANYA PATRA Chemistry Admitted
893 JDC20000071 PRARONA GHOSH Chemistry Admitted
894 JDC20000350 SHRIMOYEE BHATTACHARYA Chemistry Admitted
895 JDC20000303 SRABANI DEB Chemistry Admitted
896 JDC20000383 SUMANA SAHOO Chemistry Admitted
897 JDC20000384 ANKITA GHOSH Chemistry Admitted
898 JDC20000594 BRATATI DAS Chemistry Admitted
899 JDC20000465 TRISHA DAS Chemistry Admitted
900 JDC20001016 SHARANYA CHATTERJEE Chemistry Admitted
901 JDC20002236 SHILA MAJI Chemistry Admitted
902 JDC20002087 SNEHA SEN Chemistry Admitted
903 JDC20001788 DEBLINA DEBNATH Chemistry Admitted
904 JDC20001826 SRIJITA DUTTA Chemistry Admitted
905 JDC20002895 PRARTHANA MITRA Chemistry Admitted
906 JDC20002873 MEGHNA GHOSH Economics Admitted
907 JDC20002555 LAXMI PRIYA DAS Economics Admitted
908 JDC20002535 RANJITA BISWAL Economics Admitted
909 JDC20002478 ANWESHA SAYANTA Economics Admitted
910 JDC20002039 LUCKISHREE BANERJEE Economics Admitted
911 JDC20002302 KOLLOLINI DEY Economics Admitted
912 JDC20001114 SONALI SHAW Economics Admitted
913 JDC20000459 DAMINEE DAS Economics Admitted
914 JDC20000617 PAYEL SENGUPTA Economics Admitted
915 JDC20000234 ARPITA SAHA Economics Admitted
916 JDC20003288 SANJUKTA MAITY Economics Admitted
917 JDC20003616 SOUMALIYA GHOSH Economics Admitted
918 JDC20003810 ANURIMA DAS Economics Admitted
919 JDC20003877 REYA SAHA Economics Admitted
920 JDC20004085 RITTIKA MAITY Economics Admitted
921 JDC20005754 ZINATH HOSSAIN JAMADAR Economics Admitted
922 JDC20005530 NIKITA GHOSH Economics Admitted
923 JDC20004750 TORSHA BHATTACHARJEE Economics Admitted
924 JDC20004662 SWASTIKA BHATTACHARYA Economics Admitted
925 JDC20004840 KRISHNA DAS Economics Admitted
926 JDC20004778 RIMA SAHA Economics Admitted
927 JDC20004919 DEBAYANI GUHA Economics Admitted
928 JDC20005180 RIMI SARDAR Geography Admitted
929 JDC20004655 PRISHA BHATTACHARJEE Geography Admitted
930 JDC20004588 ARPITA BANERJEE Geography Admitted
931 JDC20004612 SUPARNA MANI Geography Admitted
932 JDC20004448 KOJAGOREE GHOSH Geography Admitted
933 JDC20004393 PRITHA GHOSH Geography Admitted
934 JDC20005734 SRIJANI MALAKAR Geography Admitted
935 JDC20005812 ARPITA BERA Geography Admitted
936 JDC20004064 SAHELI GHOSH Geography Admitted
937 JDC20004259 ISHITA BASU Geography Admitted
938 JDC20003868 POUSHALI NASKAR Geography Admitted
939 JDC20003919 ZINATAMAN HOQUE Geography Admitted
940 JDC20003966 SWARUPA DEBNATH Geography Admitted
941 JDC20003744 SUMITA BACHHAR Geography Admitted
942 JDC20003701 MAMPI DAS Geography Admitted
943 JDC20003594 SWASTIKA BORAL Geography Admitted
944 JDC20003420 ANKITA RAJAK Geography Admitted
945 JDC20003496 RITIKA ROY Geography Admitted
946 JDC20003572 KANIKA BISWAS Geography Admitted
947 JDC20003125 BAIDIKA BISWAS Geography Admitted
948 JDC20003143 SUCHISMITA GHOSH Geography Admitted
949 JDC20003121 SAMRIDDHI DUTTA Geography Admitted
950 JDC20003030 PURNIMA CHANDRA Geography Admitted
951 JDC20002949 SHREYA BANERJEE Geography Admitted
952 JDC20003039 ANKITA CHAKRABORTY Geography Admitted
953 JDC20000075 BAISAKHI ROY Geography Admitted
954 JDC20000376 TITIR MAJUMDER Geography Admitted
955 JDC20000307 CHIITRAKKHE SARKAR Geography Admitted
956 JDC20000326 ANUSHKA GHOSH Geography Admitted
957 JDC20000661 BARNALI SAHA Geography Admitted
958 JDC20000554 SHREYOSHI MONDAL Geography Admitted
959 JDC20001124 MUSKAN SHAW Geography Admitted
960 JDC20001245 ROHINI MONDAL Geography Admitted
961 JDC20001299 KONINIKA NAG Geography Admitted
962 JDC20001326 ANKITA PAL Geography Admitted
963 JDC20001332 PUJA PURKAIT Geography Admitted
964 JDC20000946 PRIYA SAHA Geography Admitted
965 JDC20000914 RIMPA DAS Geography Admitted
966 JDC20000852 DIPANNITA DAS Geography Admitted
967 JDC20000823 SAYONI DAS Geography Admitted
968 JDC20000799 SAYANTIKA DAS Geography Admitted
969 JDC20002192 MOUMITA MONDAL Geography Admitted
970 JDC20002183 MANJUSHA MANDAL Geography Admitted
971 JDC20002487 RUPSHA NASKAR Geography Admitted
972 JDC20002610 PALLABI BISWAS Geography Admitted
973 JDC20002672 TRISA SARKAR Geography Admitted
974 JDC20002169 SUDARSANA HALDER Geology Admitted
975 JDC20001768 RAJDIPA DHARA Geology Admitted
976 JDC20001663 SUCHANA SINGH Geology Admitted
977 JDC20000833 KATHASHREE KUNDU Geology Admitted
978 JDC20000950 PIYASHA HALDER Geology Admitted
979 JDC20001053 DIPANNITA DAS Geology Admitted
980 JDC20001161 ALOLIKA MANNA Geology Admitted
981 JDC20000536 ANTARA KARMAKAR Geology Admitted
982 JDC20000510 ADITI AICH Geology Admitted
983 JDC20000015 SREYA SAHOO Geology Admitted
984 JDC20003076 TANISHTHA NANDY Geology Admitted
985 JDC20002992 ANWESHA PURKAIT Geology Admitted
986 JDC20003487 SURAVI MONDAL Geology Admitted
987 JDC20003814 SRIPARNA GHOSH Geology Admitted
988 JDC20004241 SRIJA DE Geology Admitted
989 JDC20004226 AMRITA PANDA Geology Admitted
990 JDC20004149 MONISHA HALDER Geology Admitted
991 JDC20005774 DEBARATI HORE Geology Admitted
992 JDC20006022 SOUMILI PRAMANICK Geology Admitted
993 JDC20005721 SAMPRITI SANNIGRAHI Geology Admitted
994 JDC20005506 ANKITA CHATTERJEE Geology Admitted
995 JDC20004417 SUKANYA CHAUBE Geology Admitted
996 JDC20004326 RITU SAU Geology Admitted
997 JDC20004627 PURBITA SARKAR Geology Admitted
998 JDC20004724 APARAJITA MUKHERJEE Geology Admitted
999 JDC20005342 HIMOLI HAZRA Geology Admitted
1000 JDC20004907 SNEHA DUTTA Mathematics Admitted
1001 JDC20004940 SWETA SAHA Mathematics Admitted
1002 JDC20004391 ANTARA OJHA Mathematics Admitted
1003 JDC20005631 MEGHA CHAKRABARTI Mathematics Admitted
1004 JDC20005895 MOUSUMI DUTTA Mathematics Admitted
1005 JDC20004143 APARNA KARMAKAR Mathematics Admitted
1006 JDC20003946 PRITI SHAW Mathematics Admitted
1007 JDC20003148 KANKANANAG CHOWDHURY Mathematics Admitted
1008 JDC20000109 MANISHA KUMARI YADAV Mathematics Admitted
1009 JDC20000612 MAYA YADAV Mathematics Admitted
1010 JDC20001523 NOOR US SABAH Mathematics Admitted
1011 JDC20002404 ANJALI JHA Mathematics Admitted
1012 JDC20002596 SOUMI MUKHERJEE Physics Admitted
1013 JDC20002720 SRIJITA DAS Physics Admitted
1014 JDC20002836 SAFIKA KHATOON Physics Admitted
1015 JDC20001786 ANIQUA SAMAR Physics Admitted
1016 JDC20001824 SHREYA BODHAK Physics Admitted
1017 JDC20002184 HRIDDHIMA CHAKRABORTY Physics Admitted
1018 JDC20002010 SNEHA DUARY Physics Admitted
1019 JDC20001246 SHARBARI THAKUR CHAKRABARTY Physics Admitted
1020 JDC20001333 SRIJA DAWN Physics Admitted
1021 JDC20001072 PRANAYA CHAKRABORTY Physics Admitted
1022 JDC20000762 PRIYANKA SHAW Physics Admitted
1023 JDC20003249 TAZEIN AHMED Physics Admitted
1024 JDC20003038 MOULI BISWAS Physics Admitted
1025 JDC20003042 RAMISHA FARIYA Physics Admitted
1026 JDC20003469 DISHARI GHOSH Physics Admitted
1027 JDC20003267 SHAMINA SAJID Physics Admitted
1028 JDC20003984 SANKHAMITA ADHIKARY Physics Admitted
1029 JDC20004016 SUBARNA CHOWDHURY Physics Admitted
1030 JDC20005971 TANUSREE SAHA Physics Admitted
1031 JDC20005472 SNEHA BANERJEE Physics Admitted
1032 JDC20005594 ANANYA SAHA Physics Admitted
1033 JDC20004707 SHRIJITA ROY CHOWDHURY Physics Admitted
1034 JDC20004641 SALONI PRASAD Physics Admitted
1035 JDC20004566 RIYA KARMAKAR Physics Admitted
1036 JDC20004968 JINITA DAS Physics Admitted
1037 JDC20005056 SONALI MAITY Physics Admitted
1038 JDC20004926 SNEHA CHAKRABORTY Physics Admitted
1039 JDC20005324 RAZIA SULTANA Physics Admitted
1040 JDC20005256 TRISHA BISWAS Psychology Admitted
1041 JDC20005266 ANWESHA DATTA Psychology Admitted
1042 JDC20005217 PROJNA BHATTACHARYA Psychology Admitted
1043 JDC20004554 SHUBHANWITA BANERJEE Psychology Admitted
1044 JDC20005692 ABARNITA BAIDYA Psychology Admitted
1045 JDC20004041 SRAMONA DAS Psychology Admitted
1046 JDC20003906 SURASHREE DAS Psychology Admitted
1047 JDC20003301 SUDAKSHINA BALA Psychology Admitted
1048 JDC20003378 RANI DEBNATH Psychology Admitted
1049 JDC20002939 RAIMA DAS Psychology Admitted
1050 JDC20000128 PRIYA NAYAK Psychology Admitted
1051 JDC20000095 HEVA ARFIN Psychology Admitted
1052 JDC20001264 SOMASREE SHIT Psychology Admitted
1053 JDC20002205 SNEHA SONI Psychology Admitted
1054 JDC20001729 KEYA MONDAL Psychology Admitted
1055 JDC20001686 ESHITA KUNDU Zoology Admitted
1056 JDC20001990 KRISHNA ROY Zoology Admitted
1057 JDC20001893 AYSHWARYA GHOSH Zoology Admitted
1058 JDC20002153 DEBADRITA DAS Zoology Admitted
1059 JDC20002816 TANUSREE SAHA Zoology Admitted
1060 JDC20002931 ROHINI CHATTERJEE Zoology Admitted
1061 JDC20002809 SOHINI NASKAR Zoology Admitted
1062 JDC20002778 ANUSREE SAHA Zoology Admitted
1063 JDC20002381 SEFAAT BANO Zoology Admitted
1064 JDC20001647 MADHABI DAS Zoology Admitted
1065 JDC20001452 DEBOMITA BANERJEE Zoology Admitted
1066 JDC20001111 SREYA DAS Zoology Admitted
1067 JDC20000830 SAYANI MAJUMDER Zoology Admitted
1068 JDC20000039 MOBASHARA HASSAN Zoology Admitted
1069 JDC20000131 SNEHA DAS Zoology Admitted
1070 JDC20000702 SREEJITA NASKAR Zoology Admitted
1071 JDC20000656 PRAYRANA MAITRA Zoology Admitted
1072 JDC20000657 PRIYANTI NASKAR Zoology Admitted
1073 JDC20000660 SHREYA BERA Zoology Admitted
1074 JDC20000468 DEBOLEENA MONDAL Zoology Admitted
1075 JDC20003027 ADRIJA CHAKRABORTY Zoology Admitted
1076 JDC20003085 DEBDATTA BISWAS Zoology Admitted
1077 JDC20003211 TRISHA CHAKRABORTY Zoology Admitted
1078 JDC20003162 SWETASREE CHAKRABORTY Zoology Admitted
1079 JDC20003397 MOUTUSHI GARAI Zoology Admitted
1080 JDC20003290 RIYA CHOWDHURY Zoology Admitted
1081 JDC20003925 SREERADHA DAS Zoology Admitted
1082 JDC20003897 BEDATRAYEE BARMAN Zoology Admitted
1083 JDC20003823 RAFAT JAHAN Zoology Admitted
1084 JDC20003628 JHANKRITA SADHUKHAN Zoology Admitted
1085 JDC20003630 SUMONA MONDAL Zoology Admitted
1086 JDC20003588 SUDESHNA BAURI Zoology Admitted
1087 JDC20004214 RIYA KUMAR Zoology Admitted
1088 JDC20004283 SRISTI GUPTA Zoology Admitted
1089 JDC20004234 BANHISIKHA SIL Zoology Admitted
1090 JDC20005751 RITIKA DHARA Zoology Admitted
1091 JDC20005884 NISHA DAS Zoology Admitted
1092 JDC20004544 INDRAYANI DEY Zoology Admitted
1093 JDC20004583 SUMANA CHHATUI Zoology Admitted
1094 JDC20004640 POUSHALI PAUL Zoology Admitted
1095 JDC20004722 SAHELI BANERJEE Zoology Admitted
1096 JDC20004759 ABANTIKA SADHUKHAN Zoology Admitted
1097 JDC20004370 SUPARNA SARKAR Zoology Admitted
1098 JDC20004456 NILANJANA MANDAL Zoology Admitted
1099 JDC20004431 TIRTHA HALDER Zoology Admitted
1100 JDC20004526 NAINA MANDAL Zoology Admitted
1101 JDC20004510 SAYANI DHARA Zoology Admitted
1102 JDC20005277 SAMADRITA PAUL Zoology Admitted
1103 JDC20005110 SNEHA DAS Zoology Admitted
1104 JDC20005071 TRISHA DAS Zoology Admitted
1105 JDC20004804 SHREYA DAS Zoology Admitted
1106 JDC20004943 MADIHA TAHREEN B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1107 JDC20005299 SOMHITA DAS B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1108 JDC20004677 NIHARIKA MOHAPATRA B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1109 JDC20005885 NANDITA DAS B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1110 JDC20006079 SUPARNA NASKAR B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1111 JDC20004277 SWETA PRIYA B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1112 JDC20004198 PRIYA KUMARI B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1113 JDC20004090 ADWITIYA GHOSH B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1114 JDC20003275 ALINA AQUSA B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1115 JDC20003117 FARIA ZUBAIR B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1116 JDC20003065 RITTIKA ADAK B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1117 JDC20000494 SAMAN HASHIM B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1118 JDC20000787 SNEHA DEY B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1119 JDC20000789 RIYA GUPTA B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1120 JDC20001298 ANISHA KHATOON B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1121 JDC20001226 SANJUKTA SEN B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1122 JDC20002914 DISHARI ROYCHOUDHURY B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1123 JDC20001853 MOUMITA BASAK B.Sc. (General) Admitted
1124 JDC20001855 SHRESTHA MUKHERJEE B.Sc. (General) Admitted